Policies and Procedures



These policies  provide information and guidelines for the orderly use of Camp Arrowmoon.

A. Trustees

Trustees are to be appointed by the 85th District Court of Texas to administer the properties and affairs of the Boy Scout Trust, aka Camp Arrowmoon Trust. Camp Arrowmoon is one of the properties of this Trust and is under control of the trustees for all purposes.

B. Trustees’ Advisory Committee

A committee of qualified individuals may be elected by the trustees to serve in an advisory committee. The advisory committee’s concerns are the use, maintenance, improvement and safety of Camp Arrowmoon. Members are to serve for such tenure as the trustees elect. The committee is charged with conducting at least one annual inspection and survey to help determine the needs of the Camp.

C. Arrowmoon District Committee (BSA)

While no direct relationship exists between the District Committee and the Trustees, it is recognized that there must be a high level of cooperation and communication between the two for the Camp to provide the best facilities for Scouting and for the District to get the maximum use of the Camp.

D. Caretaker

The Trustees have found it necessary to provide a caretaker-in-residence at the camp to deter mischief, misuse, theft, poaching, and unauthorized use. The caretaker will occupy the Omar Smith Memorial Cabin as a private residence. The cabin is not available for any other use. The Caretaker is responsible to the trustees only. His duties will be prescribed by the trustees as appropriate.

E. Use

(1) Scout units of the Arrowmoon District (BSA) including Clubs, Webelows, Scouts, Explorers, Ventures and other approved use groups are invited to use Camp Arrowmoon. All groups shall adhere to these policies and procedures and the policies of the Boy Scouts of America, or other parent groups in the case of groups not part of BSA. Units may be restricted by the Trustees from use for violations of the policies and procedures.  Use may also be restricted by the Trustees at any time deemed appropriate and/or necessary.

(2) Other organizations and Scout units from other areas may use Camp Arrowmoon if their activities are not in conflict with these policies and procedures. Permission for such use may only be obtained by written request to the Trustees stating the name of the organization, the leaders in charge of the activity, number of people to be present, dates and times of arrival and departure, and an insurance coverage of the activity. Included needs to be an adequate description of the activities involved and the purpose of the activities. Cash deposits and/or rental fees may be required of such organizations. Written permission will be provided for those organizations approved to use Camp Arrowmoon. A copy of the authorization will also be provided to the caretaker advising him of the activity. Written or email requests must be submitted to the Trustees at least thirty (30) days in advance.

F. Camping

(1) Camping is restricted to the wilderness campsites. When campsites are designated and numbered, units may be required to limit their use of certain areas to allow for regrowth of trees and underbrush to prevent further erosion.

(2) The “Pine Grove” is not to be used for overnight camping or for CAMPFIRES. No fires are allowed in the Pine Grove.

(3) Buildings may not be used for overnight camping or for campfires. They may be used for shelter in emergencies.

(4) The Omar Smith Memorial cabin and its immediate area bounded by the entrance road and creek to the front and the boundary fences to the rear will not be used for activity other than limited nature study or hiking.

(5) Camping rules will be followed at all times. (See Appendix “A”)

(6) A minimum of two (2) responsible adults at least 21 years old must be present with EACH ORGANIZATION at all time on Camp Arrowmoon.

(7) No authorization is hereby given or implied for units to cross fences onto adjacent property. Permission to enter neighboring properties must be obtained in writing from the property owner and approved in advance by the Trustees.

(8) No camping period will exceed 72 hours.

G. Safety

(1) Waterfront safety must be observed at all times. No swimming is allowed in the lake. Boating, rafting or canoeing must be properly supervised by a lifeguard certified by the BSA or the American Red Cross. Appropriate safety measures must be taken including the use of lifejackets, rescue ropes, and the buddy system. Fishing must conform to appropriate Game and Fish regulations. Fishing may be suspended periodically for conservation reasons. These periods will be indicated with an appropriate sign hung on the railing of the dam.

(2) Weapons including rifles, shotguns, handguns, BB/pellet guns and archery equipment are prohibited from Camp Arrowmoon. The Camp does not have adequate ranges for these activities and such facilities are not currently planned.

(3) Fires must be strictly controlled and should be built only within properly cleared areas of the campsites. It is strongly recommended that only one fire site per patrol area by used. The Council Ring is the only appropriate location for campfires for more than one unit. Fires must be supervised at all times and must be DEAD OUT before leaving them.

(4) General safety precautions must be followed by all who use Camp Arrowmoon. Remember, there are poisonous snakes and wild animals in this preserve. This is their home and all should respect it as such.

H. Natural resources

The native animals and vegetation of Camp Arrowmoon are great natural resources and must be protected. The killing of wildlife is expressly prohibited by any means and for any reason. Mice, rats, insects or poisonous reptiles may be killed if presenting a threat of nuisance. Nests are not to be molested. No clearing of vegetation outside of actual campsites is permitted unless directed by the Trustees. Likewise, NO LIVE TREES may be cut. Dead wood only is to be used for firewood, and dead trees only, may be felled as a safety precaution and as a source of firewood. No firewood will be removed from Camp Arrowmoon property. Yaupon only may be cut to provide materials for tent poles, stakes, pioneering projects or staves. Yaupon may be cleared for trails to campsites. Such cutting may be done flush with the ground for safety reasons.  Any clearing or other cutting will only be done at the direction of the Trustees.

I. Trash

All trash is to be bagged and removed from Camp Arrowmoon property. The Camp has no provision for disposal of trash of any kind.

J. Registration

Units using Camp Arrowmoon are required to register upon entering the property using the forms to be found in the registration mailbox at the caretaker’s cabin. Fill out the form completely and leave it in the mailbox. It is not necessary to personally involve the caretaker.

K. Vehicles

Vehicles are not allowed in the wilderness campsites. Parking should be along roadways or in the area in front of the Lodge. Do not block any roadway. Motorcycles must be parked in front of the Lodge. The speed limit on camp property is 10 MPH. Passengers are not to be transported in the back of a truck, or in any vehicle with the doors open. Keep our kids safe.

L. Structures

No structures, shelters, sheds, other buildings or tables may be constructed on Camp property without express written authorization of the Trustees. Camp Arrowmoon is intended as a wilderness camping area and experience.

M. Alcoholic beverages

Alcoholic beverages are never permitted on Camp property.

N. Pets

Pets are not permitted on Camp property.

O. Insurance

Accident insurance coverage is not provided by the Boxy Scout Trust (aka Camp Arrowmoon Trust) for individuals or organizations using Camp Arrowmoon. Each organization using Camp facilities must provide its own coverage.

P. Camp assignments

The Trustees make no campsite assignments and recognize no unit claims to any area to the exclusion of other units. Unit leaders are encouraged to mutually agree on the use of areas among themselves.

Q. Picnic Areas

The Pine Grove, the west bank of the lake and the grassy area in front of the Lodge are designated as the primary picnic areas at the Camp. No fires are permitted in these areas. All trash must be removed from these areas.

Camp Arrowmoon is a wilderness camping facility.

Camp Arrowmoon wilderness camping.



The following procedures should be followed by all users of Camp Arrowmoon:

A. Register upon arrival at the Camp.

B. Camp only in designates areas.

C. Follow all safety rules

D. Take all your trash when you leave. Keep our Camp clean.

E. Report all observed violations of these policies and procedures to the caretaker and the Trustees.

F. Obtain written approval from the Trustees before cutting any trees or brush (other than dead wood) or before building any structures.

G. If Trustee authorization is required for any activity, obtain said authorization before going to Camp Arrowmoon, and have a copy of the written authorization available at all times.